Italy - Pigeon risotto

County: Italy

INGREDIENTS (serves 4)

• 2 pigeons with giblets
• 300 g of risotto rice
• Rosemary and sage
• 200 ml of beef stock
• Olive oil
• Salt and pepper


Remove the giblets from the pigeons and keep the hearts and livers. Sprinkle both birds inside and out with salt, pepper, rosemary and a small amount of chopped sage and brown them on all sides in a frying pan with a little olive oil. Chop the hearts and livers into small pieces, and use them as stuffing.

Simmer the pigeons gently in olive oil in a pan with a lid for an hour and a half, stirring from time to time, so that they do not burn. Remove them from the cooking juice, take the meat off the bones and put it back in the juices.

Add the rice to the juice and cook, stirring continuously with a wooden spoon, adding the stock as necessary until the rice is cooked.

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